Are You Ready to Travel the World

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& All the Comforts of Home?

This Easy & Proven

10 Step System

gives you all the confidence, competency and know-how to HOUSE SIT all over the world!

(Guaranteed to save yourself a fortune in accommodation costs - FOREVER!)

What Would it Take to Have Incredible World Adventures

That Actually Save You Money?

You love travel, and you would absolutely love to do a whole lot more of it. It makes you feel alive, brings out your sense of exploration and curiosity, like you are a completely different person out on the road away from the familiar.

But every trip you’ve taken before took a fair chunk of cash (or credit!) to make it happen.

Not to mention you’re done with being treated like a tourist, over-charged for meals and hotel rooms.

But you’re not a backpacker either, those days are long gone!

kitchen love

You now have standards that reflect the comforts of home.

You enjoy dining out, but it is just as important for you to cook your own meals and maintain your fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Festival in Bali

 And while 'ticking off' destination icons is important, you're seeking a deeper experience - you’re a different type of traveler now, one who is looking for ‘off the beaten track’ alternatives, providing heart-warming cultural experiences and slow travel immersion into a community.

But of course to make all of this happen, you need to work hard and save up, find room on a credit card, or sell an asset or two… maybe even spend your kids inheritance!

It seems impossible to travel more regularly, least of all as a lifestyle. So instead you’re still at home, dreaming of all the awesome things you’d love to experience… and see everyone else doing!

We Used To Do That Too!

We believed we needed to work hard, and save up money or sell something valuable to us BEFORE heading off to go traveling.

Most of the world thinks this way.

We even moved to Dubai in the Middle East - the supposed financial 'promised land' to work hard and save all our money to THEN travel.

However... It wasn't until we lost everything in a failed business partnership there in the 'sandpit' during 2012 that we were forced to go house sitting as a means to survive.

With just $300 left to our names (a scary place to be at 43!) we discovered perhaps one of the greatest wonders the travel world has ever seen... house sitting!

It's a win win ~ we get to stay for FREE in lovely homes around the world by helping home owners take their leave for holidays, business or family commitments, and they get complete peace of mind that their home and pets are in safe hands and completely taken care of.

And there are literally thousands of home owners all over the world that need this service.

In fact, it is through house sitting that we have been able to

travel the world since early 2013

with 97% of our accommodation completely FREE!

Since accommodation costs are THE most expensive part of travel, and we have eradicated any need to pay for that, our living expenses as full-time international house sitters have now dropped to UNDER 30% of what it would cost us to live in a fixed location... and that’s after taking our yearly flight costs of $2500 each into account.

Yep crazy but true... the savings we make from no longer paying rent or a mortgage, utilities or internet each month means it is actually cheaper for us to travel and live around the world than it is to live in a fixed location. 

So let’s take a moment and show you just how much we have saved in accommodation costs in our first 3 years of house sitting... and a taste of where we went!

Every one of these locations have been FREE for us to stay in

How much further & longer YOU could travel

if you used 'house sitting' for even part of your journey?

But of course, we are not the only ones to discover such an incredible way to travel.

In 2013 we started the 'House Sitting World' Facebook group for house sitters and home owners to connect, inspire and learn from each other.  This group is now 11000+ strong - full of people discovering and delighting in the benefits of house sitting - and they are hungry for information about how to get started!

And that is exactly why we developed the House Sitting Academy's 10-C Step by Step System... to gather the combined wisdom and experience of those that have been house sitting for years like we have, and put it into an online video course and complete resource hub for others just like you!

Read on now for stories about others house sitting around the world

enjoying FREE accommodation & awesome experiences

and how you too can learn & action these simple steps

"House sitting saved us a whopping $10,000"

"Thank you Nat & Jodie for helping us improve our profile and showing us how to truly value ourselves as great sitters. Since following the advice you and other experienced travelers shared inside the Academy, we calculated that 49% of our first year of full time travel has been with house sitting, saving us a whopping $10,000 in travel accommodation costs (which means more spare change for fun experiences - life is for living!)"  

The House Sitting Academy Online Course Will...

  • Give you the CONFIDENCE & KNOW-HOW to EASILY use house sitting to travel the world
  • Allow you to TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE of the Massive Travel Savings house sitting gives you
  • Make you LOOK LIKE AN EXPERT with experience, immediately improving your chances of Getting the Top Gigs
  • Have access to the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Experts, AT YOUR FINGERTIPS 24/7
  • Help you KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO from the very first day you arrive at a sit
  • Save you from WASTING TIME AND EFFORT making typical mistakes, stopping you feeling stupid and losing confidence
  • STOP YOUR ONE DOUBT... ‘Can I do this?’
  • REDUCE YOUR FEARS & ANXIETY of ‘What Ifs’ and the Unknown
  • STOP YOUR PROCRASTINATION and constantly Putting Off Your Travel Dreams!

Inside the House Sitting Academy you will discover every work-around, best practice and process to ensure you are not only able to fully enjoy your house sitting experiences, but to also keep your own needs being met.

House sitting is not rocket science, but there is most definitely an art to creating a complete win/win for both sides of this sharing economy process. It is as much about psychology as it is learning about the 'hows' of house sitting, and we address every aspect of this.




There are two bonus ways we support and help promote you as a house sitter, making all the difference between just reading a book or blog post about house sitting, and joining your global tribe & investing into this complete 24/7 support network...

The 'Inner Circle' Private Referral Network

The 'Inner Circle' Private Referral Network is YOUR tribe ~ and access to it is your entitlement after you have graduated the Academy!

You will enjoy...

  • Top level international referral house sits & personal recommendations to home owners (usually no application necessary!)


  • Promotion of you & your business through the media & various projects we undertake


  • An intimate support space available 24/7 to ask for LIVE advice from exerienced and veteran sitters from around the world
  • A place to network & collaborate with like minds for personal & business pursuits


There is simply no substitute for personal recommendations and 24/7 direct assistance from your Support Tribe

Academy Member & Graduate Badges

Our exclusive Academy Badge System immediately increases your chances of gaining sits. These badges, indicating you are an Academy Member or Academy Graduate, are exclusively yours when you join the House Sitting Academy.

Added to your house sitting profile & marketing material, they are the easiest and most direct way to show home owners you are a dedicated sitter. In fact, the Academy is now synonymous with quality sitters, and many home owners now purposely seek out Academy members.

Only the Academy gives you a way to immediately SHOW a home owner you are a quality sitter, increasing your chances of being chosen

The Academy Badges & incredible referral network of the Inner Circle cannot be obtained anywhere else.

They provide priceless value in addition to your lifetime access.

Many members have joined JUST on these bonuses alone!

"We got our first official house sit with our first application"

"I wanted to give a big shout out to Jodie Burnham and Natalie Smith for their wonderful House Sitting Academy course. We got our first official house sit with our first application and we couldn't have done it without all the valuable information given in their course. We really felt it covered everything you need to get yourself started and and gives you the confidence that you need to move forward."  

With the Academy You Will Also Enjoy...

  • An EASY STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS that will have you out traveling & house sitting around the world in the shortest possible time
  • Access to PROVEN TECHNIQUES that have taken others years to learn through experience and trial & error
  • The Confidence to put yourself up for the ASSIGNMENTS YOU LOVE, not just those you feel you will be successful in winning
  • Use of our unique RINSE & REPEAT FORMULA to get house sits as often as you desire
  • Access to an EXCLUSIVE GROUP of house sitters that have home owners approaching them to house sit
  • ZERO RISK on your investment

This System has been used by hundreds people all over the world, of all experience levels, with equally massive success.

You WILL be able to successfully follow this system too &

enjoy FREE accommodation around the world!

Some experiences your fellow Academy Members are enjoying!

You Are Getting All of This... For Life

  • ACCESS TO ALL 10 MODULES of the TEN - C Confidence System
  • ALL BONUS MODULES on Pet Care & Behaviour, easy Language Learning, Pool Care, Health & Fitness on the road & how to create a Roaming Income to keep you traveling
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all additional material continually being added
  • ALL TEMPLATES - including your house sitting profile, application emails & formal house sitting agreement
  • ALL CHECKLISTS - including home owner & house sitter contacts, choosing the best sit for you, vital things to be shown at the briefing & creating a profile video
  • Quick reference TOP TIPS & LISTS to follow and implement
  • QUALITY & MARKET TESTED EXAMPLES - including email applications, profiles, profile videos & home owner interviews
  • OVER 15 INTERVIEWS with experienced house sitters and full-time world travellers, sharing their exact tested & tried methods for securing sits, gaining referrals, and travelling through house sitting
  • Ability to EARN OVER 50% COMMISSIONS on referrals to the Academy

$895 worth of incredible value

For an incredibly low ONE-TIME INVESTMENT of $197

(Payment plan also available)

Enjoy a LIFETIME of savings for less than the cost of a weekend away!

get started now


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By taking advantage of these discounts

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Now It's Your Turn!

Here is a sample of the proven tips, strategies & short cuts you will receive to help you get the top house sitting gigs around the world...

  • A proven exercise to develop an unshakable inner confidence in your house sitting… Module 1

  • The simple thing you can do to ensure your home owner notices your email application… Module 4

  • Our proven formula for creating a profile that home owners LOVE… Module 2

  • The killer mistake most house sitters make in obtaining references from a home owner…Module 8

  • The simple thing you can ask in a home owner interview to ensure the owner LOVES youModule 4

  • How to decide if you should charge for house sitting and how much… Module 10

  • 6 ways you can ensure you get your application email in front of owners before others do…Module 3

  • 8 things you MUST ask in a home owner interview…  Module 4

  • What to do when things go wrong on a sit including the 1 vital thing you MUST doModule 7

  • The 5 most important things to consider in choosing a sit… Module 3

  • What you must do if you want to have a constant flow of house sits being offered to you… Module 9

  • 4 ways you can get home owners wanting to pay you to house sit… Module 10

The Academy is Specifically Designed to

Answer your Questions and Alleviate Doubts & Fears

By addressing...

  • What is involved in house sitting so you can assess straight up whether it is for you
  • How to go up against more experienced sitters, when you have no experience
  • How to present yourself so you get chosen by home owners, especially for the more prized sits in sought after locations
  • How to get over the fear of looking after a ‘stranger's’ home and pets? And even living in their space!
  • What to do if something goes wrong with the pets or house
  • And simply, how to be successful and use house sitting to travel more often & for longer

What you will learn through the 10-C System will provide you with everything you need to go from zero to house sitting around the world in the shortest and easy way possible.

And of course along the way build that invaluable Confidence and Competency that will turn you into an in demand sitter, enabling you to pick and choose your gigs.

Go through this resource just once, and we promise you, 

you'll know more tips, techniques, secrets & strategies 

than 99% of other house sitters out there!

Your RISK FREE Guarantees

You DO NOT risk a cent when you invest in the Academy

thanks to our two Guarantees

So Let's Do One Final Recap

You get ALL of this for JUST $197... for LIFE!

join now

Sitters, Home Owners & Industry Experts

All LOVE the House Sitting Academy

"The tips & guidelines answer every conceivable question"

"I'm so glad I joined.  I had been house sitting for a while (pretty much on an ad hoc basis) but your tips and guidelines really created a solid, reliable format and approach that answer every conceivable question a house sitter could have, equipping us with the knowledge to tackle almost any situation. You're doing a great service for the rapidly growing world of house sitting."

Christine Robinson

Home Owner who uses Academy Members for her house sits

Betsy Wuebker 

Full-time International House Sitter & Academy Member

David Esquire

From Esquire Photography   International Photographer and   in-house Academy Expert

Eric Graham

International House Sitter & LIVE Academy Member Greece

The Academy is Proudly Supported by...

If you have any questions about the Academy just connect with us by clicking on the 'Contact Us' button in the footer on the bottom of this page, and we’ll get right back to you.

We very much look forward to working personally with you in the Academy and helping you get some awesome gigs around the world.

Wishing you every success with house sitting.

Global hugs

Nat and Jodie xx

PS - Every tip, strategy and technique that we share with you in this course is a PROVEN winner. We use every one of them personally in real world situations, and we know they can work for you too. Remember you have a 100% value guarantee - If you are not happy with the value we provide, YOU WILL BE REFUNDED THE FULL AMOUNT. This is truly a 100% RISK FREE offer.