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House Sitting Academy
The House Sitting Academy is the definitive online course &
Private Referral Network for International House Sitters.
The Academy is closing on 31st Dec 2016.
The next intake will be Mid 2017. 
Travel Is Much More Fun with House Sitting!
Whether it be starting in house sitting, or getting you better gigs more often, we have the tools
to make it quicker & easier for you to successfully use house sitting to travel the world.
Yep, we have done the hard work so you don't have to! 
Expand Your Travels.
Packed full of juicy tips and strategies, these short sharp Masterclasses are designed to give you exactly what you need to get the house sitting gigs you would love. Small intimate classes ensure personal attention &  your questions answered. 
Get Your First Gig Now.
Created for those that love DIY, the Setup to Stand Out Kit walks you through the complete set up process so that within a couple of dedicated hours you will have  everything you need to start applying for some awesome sits... and being successful!
be Inspired. Get Informed.
Hear stories, experiences and advice from over 60 experienced sitters & nomadic travelers openly sharing how to use house sitting to travel the world. Complete with bonus access to the Setup to Stand Out kit, this package will inspire you to take action.
About Us
Nat & Jodie x
Photo taken while house sitting in Barbados
Hi!  We are Nat & Jodie.
Originally from Australia, we now travel the world as full-time International House Sitters.
Enjoying over 95% free accommodation all over the world since early 2013 has inspired us to share our own experiences and those of other house sitters,
through our various products & projects.
We trust they will inspire you to take action & see our incredible world through the eyes of house sitting...
and change the way you travel forever!

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