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Natalie Sisson

A Video Interview with Nat

Nat is the Chief Adventurer of brand 'The Suitcase Entrepreneur'.  Since leaving her home of New Zealand in 2006 and then quitting the 9-5 in 2008, she has lived out of her suitcase and travelled the world (69 countries and counting!) all while running an online business that allows her massive freedom while providing a multiple six-figure income.

Preferring to buy experiences over stuff, and living with a minimalist philosophy helps her carry a carefree attitude with no burdens wherever she goes, and allowed her to live out of a suitcase all over the world for 6 years.

But, she is evolving and so is her business. In 2016 Nat purposely chose to travel less and stay for longer in places she loves, as well as setting up her Freedom HQ in Wellington, New Zealand where she now spends her summer months.

"The whole thing about freedom is that you’re FREE TO CHOOSE whatever lifestyle you want. It could mean working from home, more time with your family, more time hiking or sailing or curled up with your favorite book."

In 2016 Nat was chosen to speak at TEDx about her findings on a freedom lifestyle called 'the Surprising Truth About Freedom', which sums up all she has learned about choosing a freedom lifestyle.

Please enjoy this incredible talk...

A Video Interview with Nat

Nat also happens to be a good friend of ours since she spent 3 weeks living with us in Colorado in 2015. It was a fantastic time to connect with Nat and really get to know her and her philospohy on life.

In this next video we had a chat with Nat (prior to us finally meeting in Colorado) where she shares more of the freedom story and her findings from helping thousands of people around the world create freedom in their life.

Enjoy Your Freedom...!