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Want to Fund Your Travels?

PLEASE NOTE - The Academy Affiliate Program is ONLY open for Academy Members & Graduates

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The House Sitting Academy is proudly supported by...

House Sitting...

Perhaps the Easiest Sell in the World!

We don't know about you, but we would seriously love even a dollar for every person that has asked us about our house sitting adventures and how they can do it too!

And if we are really honest, that is in fact why we created the Academy in the first place… we got so tired of answering the same question over and over… ‘how do I get started in house sitting like you guys have?’ 🙂 

But seriously, we totally get it. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world and stay for free in some incredible off-the-beaten track locations, living like a local?

It’s hardly a difficult sell!

And that is one reason why we have put together our affiliate program.

Our other reason, is that affiliate income is the very way we financed our own travels when we first started full-time international sitting in February 2013. 

At that stage we had no other income or savings, and as we built our Facebook community, sites and product lines, we paid for our life and travels by recommending great products we love and believe in, to others who we knew could benefit from them. And for that we have been nicely rewarded.

And that is known as 'Affiliate Marketing'.

Knowing that creating an income on the road is such a high priority for most of us house sitting and travelling, it feels good to make the Academy available for you to promote through the Affiliate Program.

We also know how well and easy it fits in with what you are doing now so very naturally… talking to your community, the people you meet, and those you are already connected to, about house sitting, how they can save massive money on their travels, and how to get started in the right way to ensure their success.

No one wants to 'sell' to people... it is uncomfortable and we feel that way too. So we have created a number of ways you can easily and naturally promote the Academy to fit in with whatever projects you are currently rolling out, or how you love to help people who ask you about getting started in house sitting.

Please keep reading below so you can fully understand what we have set up, and most of all decide if this is something that resonates for you.

Nat n Jodie xx

With house sitting taking you around the world, it's not overly hard to see why people constantly ask about getting stated themselves...

This is just some of where House Sitting has taken our Academy Members!

Time To Get In The Know

How we Support You with a Quality Product

The Academy is helping these people travel the World...

We feel it is important that you fully understand the value of what you are promoting, especially if you are not an Academy member yourself. And while we do not insist you become a member in order to promote the Academy, we of course encourage it, so your promotion is more authentic and from a place where you have experienced its value first hand.

So a few words about the Academy...

Since our launch in late 2014, the Academy has been helping people all over the world get the knowledge, get the confidence, and get the house sitting gigs.

We have poured a ton of information, tips, strategies, experience and interviews into the Academy from some of the world’s most experienced, successful and sought after house sitters, along with experts in the fields of pet behavior and care, local language learning, pool and Jacuzzi care, and information about earning an income from the road, to further deepen each Academy members experience of house sitting and the travel lifestyle.

We then combined this with marketing psychology and consciousness teachings to create the most comprehensive resource available for sitters to learn every aspect of house sitting… starting with confidence and mindset, and setting up ready to sit, to completing the sit, gaining referrals and networking.

Speaking of networking, Academy Graduates also enjoy access to the Private Referral Network called 'The Inner Circle'. This small exclusive group hosts some of the world's best house sitters who openly share their direct house sitting referrals from their home owners around the world, usually with no formal application necessary.

And we multiply this networking opportunity for Academy Members and Graduates by adding their house sitting profiles into a mobile directory app on iTunes and Android , giving far greater exposure and ease of access to their profiles and references by home owners.

Add this to the lifetime membership with access to all future additions and updates, and all the discounts we have on offer from the house sitting platforms and Frequent Flyer Bootcamp, and this ends up being a massive valued packed product for only $197!

The Academy Specifically Addresses the Industries Current Needs

With the huge exposure in social and mainstream media about house sitting recently, promoting its VERY enticing sell points, there has been a massive increase in the number of people all over the world opening up to the concept, and now using house sitting as a way to travel.

While this is great, it also means it is now increasingly difficult to score house sits, and really hard to stand out among the mass of potential sitters, many with awesome professional qualities to offer home owners.

Now there are a good number of home owners reporting on a regular basis* that they have over 100 applications to their assignment listings (* in our 'House Sitting World' Facebook Group).

The Academy has been specifically designed to help house sitters employ house sitting best practice, stand out as the professionals they are who take their assignments seriously, while being the definitive solution for people getting started in house sitting, and those wanting more help in securing sits. 

What Academy Members Receive Upon Joining

  • All 10 modules of the 10-C Confidence System & Bonus Modules
  • All templates and checklists
  • Over 15 Interviews with some the world's most successful house sitters and travellers
  • Academy Member & Academy Graduate badges for their house sitting profile and photos
  • Exclusive discounts for house sitting platforms & Frequent Flyer Bootcamp
  • Lifetime access to all Academy additions, updates & deals
  • Exclusive invite into the Academy 'Inner Circle' Private Referral Network
  • Entry into the Exclusive 'House Sitting Academy' Mobile Directory App on iTunes & Andriod
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You really can make someones

dream to travel an actual reality

by telling them about house sitting

How We Help You to Help Others

None of us probably even realise the extent we help others when we chat to them about house sitting. People all around the world dream about travel... about seeing their world, immersing themselves into new cultures and cuisines, and experiencing how others live. House sitting makes that a real possibility for everyday people like you and us...

And we want to help you to reach those people, because we are totally driven by the Sharing Economy philosophy and our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience their world.

We know the Academy helps people have awesome house siting experiences, so we want to make it as easy & comfortable as possible for you to recommend the Academy, and to have those people join.

So we will get you going with...

55% Commissions

Now that will get you traveling!

We deliberated for ages over how much to make our affiliate commissions. In the end we decided it would create more of a 'win-win' for both yourself and us if we paid out 55% commissions.

So at the current $197 price point for the Academy, you will be receiving $100! Nice!

So now, you get to put extra valuable dollars in your pocket for your travels and lifestyle, and we get to spread our message about house sitting and the Academy to people we would not have met without your connections.

And that to us is the true spirit of the 'Sharing Economy'... just like house sitting itself is!

You will be getting paid direct through Clickbank, one of the most experienced and simple affiliate management platforms. They process all of your payments, ensuring you receive your commission for those who purchase through your Clickbank link within 60 days of their first visit to the Academy site. 

We Have Done The Work For You...

And created a high converting sales page

We have consulted with a number of marketing experts, including a few of Australia's top offline and online marketers, and combined it with our own decade of online marketing and human behaviour studies, to come up with a solid sales page for the Academy. 

As an affiliate, this wisdom is available to you, so you can be assured that anyone you recommend to is entering into the highest converting sales funnel we know how to build, which means more dollars in your pocket. 

But wait... there's more!

We also give you loads of marketing materials

  • Examples for people you meet
  • Promotional banners for the Academy - Static and Gif moving images for your emails, website and blog.
  • Blog suggestions
  • Tweets and Facebook updates
  • The Academy Logo for your website and blog
  • Memes for social media
  • Text links for your blog posts
  • Email templates
  • Ongoing off-line and online marketing techniques to easily spread the word about house sitting & naturally lead into recommending the Academy as a way to get started
  • And if you have a reasonable sized list, we will even come on & do a webinar for your people about house sitting & the Academy - Proven to be one of the highest converting strategies in marketing!

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Don't just take our word about the Academy...

What Academy Members Say...

"The House Sitting Academy has been the greatest "invention" to educate both house sitters and home owners alike. It's added a superbly professional and insightful - as well as fun -element to this rapidly growing field ensuring that the "art" of house sitting is a rewarding experience for all."                               Dee Gibney - Journalist, Video Producer & Media Coach 

"I wanted to give a big shout out to Jodie Burnham and Natalie Smith for their wonderful House Sitting Academy course. We got our first official house sit with our first application and we couldn't have done it without all the valuable information given in their course. We really felt it covered everything you need to get yourself started and and gives you the confidence that you need to move forward."      Diana Porteous, Nicaragua

"I am just working my way through the lessons and I am learning so much and have already gotten great tips that I would never have thought of on my own with my limited experience. Good stuff at any price!"  Nancy & Les Thompson - Int'l House Sitters & Bloggers @ 


We Are Super Excited To Work With You!

If you have any questions about the House Sitting Academy Affiliate Program, please CLICK HERE and we’ll get right back to you.

We very much look forward to working with you personally within the Academy Affiliate Program, and helping you keep those house sitting & travel adventures going further and longer!

Wishing you every success. 

Global hugs

Nat and Jodie xx

P.S. Oh, and if you have absolutely no idea what affiliate marketing even is, don’t stress. The program takes you through everything you need to know… what affiliate marketing is, how it works, how much you can earn, and even provides you with tons of marketing materials and suggestions for spreading the word both online and in person. Join us and we will show you just how natural and easy it is!

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