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In November 2016, for THE FIRST TIME EVER
over 60 World-Class House Sitters gathered to share how they travel & stay anywhere in the world
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Now, this is your exclusive chance to go behind the scenes with some of the world's best sitters, as they give you all the inspiration, advice & actionable steps you need 
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"Really enjoyed getting first hand accounts of what housesitting is all about.
The Summit helped my husband and I to decide that housesitting
will be something that we are going to try in the next year!"  ~ NJ
"Well done, a very inspiring Summit! I was blessed to see the house sitters
who I've admired over the past year collaborating and sharing the
tested, tried & true strategies, tips & tricks from their own experiences."  ~ VT
"I loved every minute! Even as an experienced house sitter I feel like I learned so much, & I feel much more like I'm a part of a bigger community of people supporting people. Thank you!!!!"  ~ LP
"I found the insights from people who've been at housesitting for much longer than us of great interest. These folks have things down to a science and it's wonderful that they're willing to share what they've learned from experience."  ~ CT
Looking to Vacation?
Find out how to make your vacations affordable without having to save a fortune or spend your nest-egg
Want Long-Term Travel?
Discover how to make traveling long term completely realistic by cutting your accommodation costs dramatically
Already on the Road?
Find out how to stay on the road longer by incorporating house sitting full-time or part-time into your travels
6 Pre-Summit Expert Panels. 
4 LIVE Expert Panels.
Plus 33  Key Interviews. 
Covering all aspects of sitting 
so you can get started fast 
with confidence & ease
No hype. No fluff. 
Just Real-Life Facts
From those already doing it.
Along with super actionable strategies 
you can quickly & easily 
implement today 
To Get You Setup & Started in House Sitting
BONUS 1  (Valued at $297)
3 How-To Masterclasses
Complete action focussed, in these sessions we look at exactly how to record a connecting profile video, how to choose & apply for assignments, and how to be successful in home owner interviews
BONUS 2  (Valued at $37)
The Setup to Stand Out Kit
This ultimate DIY set-up kit uses video and written material to take you in detail through your profile set-up, gathering references, shooting a profile video, selecting a platform and choosing the perfect sit for you.

BONUS 3  (Valued at $49)
Mindset Module of The Academy
One of best loved modules of the House Sitting Academy is the Mindset Module. Diving in deep,
we look at the essential mindset required for house sitting &
long-term travel.

  • Must-know considerations when sitting as a single male, single female, solo parent, LGBT couple, or as a young person
  • How to successfully get sits when you have your own pet with you
  • How to find family friendly house sits & successfully sit with kids 
  • Understand what your responsibilities will be 
  • Know what to expect on your sit & how to be prepared
  • Get peace of mind that you are covered on a sit if things go wrong
  • Learn the top strategies & tips for getting started in sitting 
  • Discover how to choose the perfect sit for you every time   
  • Find out how to massively improve your chances of being chosen by home owners on each application
  • Explore how to prepare for long-term international travel 
  • Learn to confidently take on new languages when traveling abroad
  • Discover how house sitting can put a spark in your relationship
Live Expert Panels 
Creating a Roaming Income
What home owners really want
How to find cheap flights
How to Budget for Your Travels When House Sitting
Jane & Duncan
How to do More Stuff
With Less 'Stuff' 
Al & Shelley
The Various Ways You Can
Get Paid to House Sit
Susie & Bill Davidson
Authors of 'We Sleep Around' Book
How to Successfully House Sit
Around the World With Kids
Rob & Tracey Tullis
Choosing the Right
Insurance for Your Travels
Yvonne & Michael
Extending Your Global Travel
With Exotic & Remote Sits
Ian & Vanessa
What to Expect on a Sit
& How to Get Prepared
Betsy & Pete
Dealing With Cancellations
& Changes of Plans
Gavin & Jill
Over 20 Recorded Hours.  Over 60 House Sitting Legends.  
$380 Worth of Bonuses
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