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Let’s Look at the Reality of House Sitting... 
Since February 2013 we have traveled the world through house sitting, and during that time have enjoyed 97% free lodgings, saving us on average $40000 a year on what it would have cost us for that accommodation.  

In fact, it is house sitting that has allowed us to travel globally full-time and stay in the amazing places we have. Without house sitting we would still be living in a fixed location somewhere, saving up to travel every now and then, and spending a bomb for the privilege... just like everyone else does.  

Essentially we chose to experience a different way of traveling that has enabled us to take action, travel now and not have to keep putting it off…  

Here is a graphic showing some of the places we have enjoyed, and just how much was have saved each year since 2013 on accommodation costs.  
And of course we are not alone in the discovery of this travel trend. In fact thousands of people globally, of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages, are using house sitting to travel every single day.  

Many as one-off vacation experiences, many incorporated with other travel modalities, and a handful like us, doing it full-time.  

However despite how it looks on the outset, house sitting is not a free holiday.  

At its essence, house sitting is an exchange of services - you look after someone’s home and their pets (if they have them), and in return you enjoy free accommodation, utilities (usually) and often use of their vehicle.  
It comes with responsibilities, which is why we asked you to first take the quiz. It is important to explore if house sitting really fits in with your travel plans, before you even consider joining us in the Academy. 
So What is the House Sitting Academy?
Ten months into our house sitting adventures we started getting lots of home owner enquiries from the platforms checking our availability to house sit for them. 

On top of this, the home owners we had already sat for were trying to book us in again. 

And y'know what, it really sucked having to say 'no' to the ones that didn't fit our schedule!

So we started to look online for a forum or a place where house sitters could connect and check with each other's availability. There was no where to be found!

We knew there were other great sitters out there, so we started the first ever Facebook group to bring us all together. The group grew quickly and attracted a lot of attention from those who were new to, or wanted to get started in house sitting.

Every single day, we and other members answered dozens of questions about house sitting. And it was from these questions, and the awesome advice and insights shared, that the 'House Sitting Academy' was born. 

The Academy online course is home to ALL of the tips and strategies gathered from the collective wisdom of experienced sitters. And more importantly, we now have an 'Inner Circle' of trusted peers to refer to our home owners, providing us all peace of mind (as well as some awesome gigs!).

There are never any guarantees but by creating this complete step-by-step course covering every single element of house sitting, and providing a space for Academy sitters to connect and feel secure in making these personal referrals, we feel our Members get the best possible chance to start house sitting confidently, knowing the best practices, providing exceptional service and therefore in effect, promoting our collective reputation. 

And of course, gain the best sits available!

It's important to note that we 
only accept 10 enrolments a month into the Academy 
We do this so we can take the time to genuinely get to know our members and ensure the standard of Academy sitters remains highto create a win-win for both home owners and you as a sitter attempting to secure sits.   

So this is NOT a mass intake course. 

It is an exclusive club of house sitters who love this form of travel, that openly share referral sits from their home owners with other Academy Graduates, who help each other with ongoing advice & promotion, that love meeting up in person where they can, and that ultimately enjoy free global accommodation in some incredible locations while having truly ‘local’ experiences.

If you can see value in proven insider tips, wisdom from experiences sitters, saving on time, money and frustration by having access to various referral sits, and ultimately standing out way above the crowd to home owners, then this network of like-minds is exactly for you. 

We invite you to read below and see how the House Sitting Academy 10-C System & 'Inner-Circle' Club of Private Referrals can help you get started with all you need, and gain sits in places you would love to experience with ease, confidence and certainty.  
Gail & Randy
Retired travelers & House Sitters

"The Academy saved us a whopping $10,000 in travel accommodation costs"

"Thank you Nat & Jodie for helping us improve our profile and showing us how to truly value ourselves as great sitters. Since following the advice you and other experienced travelers shared inside the Academy, we calculated that 49% of our first year of full time travel has been with house sitting, saving us a whopping $10,000 in travel accommodation costs (which means more spare change for fun experiences - life is for living!)"  
With the House Sitting Academy You Will...
  • Have the CONFIDENCE & KNOW-HOW to EASILY travel the world with house sitting 
  • LOOK LIKE AN EXPERT with experience, immediately improving your chances of Getting Top Gigs
  • Be a SOUGHT AFTER HOUSE SITTER with home owners approaching you to sit for them
  • Have the ability to CHOOSE THE SITS YOU LOVE, in places you have always wanted to experience  
  • Finally STOP PROCRASTINATION and constantly Putting Off Your Travel Dreams!

Inside the House Sitting Academy you will discover every work-around, best practice and process to ensure you are not only able to fully enjoy your house sitting experiences, but to also keep your own needs being met.

 House sitting is not rocket science, but there is most definitely an art to creating a complete win/win for both sides of this sharing economy process. It is as much about psychology and human behaviour as it is learning about the 'hows' of house sitting, and we address every aspect of this.
Joining The Academy  VS  Going It Alone
With the Academy
  • Be out traveling & sitting faster 
  • Have a higher success rate
  • Choose what sits you take
  • Feel confident & certain
  • Save time, money & frustration
  • Upon Graduation, score sits with no application

Going It Alone
  • Spend time researching the how's & what works
  • Undertake trial & error 
  • Send lots of applications with little result
  • Wonder if you are doing it right 
  • Waste time, spend extra money & feel frustrated
  • Take the sits you can get... or give up!

This System has been used by hundreds of people globally, of all experience levels, with equally massive success.

 You WILL be able to successfully follow this system too! 


There are two bonus ways we support & help promote you as a house sitter, making all the difference between just reading a book or blog post about house sitting, and joining your global tribe & investing into this complete 24/7 support network... 
The 'Inner Circle' Private Referral Network

The 'Inner Circle' Private Referral Network is YOUR tribe ~ and access to it is your entitlement after you have graduated the Academy!

You will enjoy...

  • Top level international referral house sits
  • Personal recommendations to home owners
  •  Many sits that do not require applications
Some of the sits offered in the Inner Circle recently
  • Promotion of you & if you have one your business/website/blog through the media & various projects we undertake 
Some of the media our Inner Circle Members have benefited from
  • An intimate support space available 24/7 to ask for LIVE advice from experienced sitters around the world
  • A place to network & collaborate with like minds for personal & business pursuits
Inner Circle Members enjoying each others company in Nicaragua
The Academy Member & Graduate Badges

Our exclusive Academy Badge System immediately increases your chances of gaining sits. These badges, indicating you are an Academy Member or Academy Graduate, are exclusively yours when you join the House Sitting Academy.

 Added to your house sitting profile & marketing material, they are the easiest and most direct way to show home owners you are a dedicated sitter. In fact, the Academy is now synonymous with quality sitters, and many home owners now purposely seek out Academy members. 
Only the Academy gives you a way to immediately SHOW a home owner you are a quality sitter, increasing your chances of being chosen

The Academy Badges & referral network of the Inner Circle cannot be obtained anywhere else 

 Many members have joined JUST on these bonuses alone!  
PLUS You Get All of This... for Life!
of the step-by-step
10-C Confidence System
to all Additions & Updates
constantly being added
including profile, applications &
formal house sitting agreement
ALL CHECKLISTS -  Including contacts, choosing best sits, and briefing documents
QUALITY & MARKET TESTED EXAMPLES - Applications, profiles & owner interviews
OVER 15 INTERVIEWS with experienced house sitters  sharing tested methods
Along With These Freedom Lifestyle Enhancer Modules...
AND These Money Saving BONUSES!
Nomador Platform
3 Months FREE 
Get your house sitting really ramped up with 3 months free membership at the full membership level with the international platform Nomador. Available to Graduates.
House Carers Platform
10% OFF
By joining us in the Academy you also gain exclusive access to a 10% saving on your membership with the longest running global house sitting site, House Carers.
HouseSit Match Platform
15% OFF
Enjoy 15% off each membership level on the house sitting platform HouseSit Match, a fast growing company based out of the UK with global opportunities for great sits.
Frequent Flyer Bootcamp 
$100 OFF
How about flights for $100… or even $5 to anywhere in the world? We are super excited to bring you the definitive course on Frequent Flyer Miles. Save 20% on this course.
The Frost Family - Australia
Long term international travelers

"It was the confidence we needed for success"

"We struggled with house sitting right from the start. Our first interview turned out to be a disaster and we nearly thought house sitting wasn’t for us. So we looked for help. The House Sitting Academy & Nat and Jodie's videos really helped and gave us the courage & skills to try again. We didn’t know what to say or how to approach house owners. It seems simple enough just reply to the adverts in the paper or on a house sitting website. But its not quite that easy. Owners are very particular about the people they share their homes with. We learnt a lot in the Academy and applying what we learnt landed our first house sit and many more since."  
Christine Chico
House Sitter

"The Academy saved me $600+ on flights in just days"

"I have to thank you for the information in the Academy course. I started Saturday & used your advice to find a flight from US to Dominica to visit a friend there. In the past we have spent $900 to $1200 to visit each other. Using your information I booked a trip to Dominica for $350. I let my friends in Dominica know & they don't believe me!!! The friend I am visiting is amazed at the flight I found. It is actually a better itinerary than she had in December for $1200. Now I can take three trips for the price of one. Thankyou so much! "  
Diane & Jeremy Porteous
House sitters, Canada

"We got our first sit with our first application"

"I wanted to give a big shout out to Jodie Burnham and Natalie Smith for their wonderful House Sitting Academy course. We got our first official house t with our first application and we couldn't have done it without all the valuable information given in their course. We really felt it covered everything you need to get yourself started and and gives you the confidence that you need to move forward." 
We will be re-opening the House Sitting Academy in Mid 2017 In the meantime, join us on a FREE House Sitting Webclass
Our Guarantee to You...
Nat & Jodie I know the true value of this course can only be realised by me undertaking the lessons & applying what I learn. Therefore I'm seriously going to give the Academy my very best effort. I understand that I have a generous 60 days without risk to decide if the Academy is for me, after which time I commit to staying all the way to the end & Graduating. 
Our Guarantee to you... If you undertake the work & still do not secure an assignment within the first 6 months of applying for house sits, we will personally rework your profile until you do!*  
*We will need to see evidence of genuine attempts to apply for sits during those 6 months
As Seen On...
And Proudly Supported by...
We Look Forward to Seeing You in Mid-2017

If you have any questions about the Academy just connect with us by clicking on the 'Contact Us' button in the footer on the bottom of this page, and we’ll get right back to you. 

We very much look forward to working personally with you in the Academy and helping you get some awesome gigs around the world in 2017 and beyond. 

Wishing you every success and joy with house sitting and your travels. 

Global hugs

Nat & Jodie x

PS - Every tip, strategy and technique that we share with you in this course is a PROVEN winner. We use every one of them personally in real world situations, and we know they can work for you too. Remember you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - If you do not get the results we promise then we will work with you until you do.  This is truly a 100% RISK FREE offer.

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